Amateur Radio License Exams


The Dade Radio Club will be giving Amateur Radio license
exams at its monthly meeting Oct. 14, 2013 at 7pm.

The address is:

Miami-Dade EOC Building, Rear Entrance 
9300 NW 41st Street, Doral, FL

Sign in with the guard.

There will be someone there to show you where the exam is.
Bring a photo ID such as Driver License or school ID and Exam Fee of $15.



Thursday OCT 10th Room 1112 3:30pm

Raffle at the end to win A License for Eagles PCB Design SW or a Beagle Board!!!

Must be there within the first 15 minutes for the raffle.


1. Brief intro of Newark and Element 14 products and services to the students ( approx 10- 15 mins)

2. Eagle Cadsoft Intro – approx 60 mins.

Why Eagle Cadsoft?

Where to find Eagle Cadsoft


How to use

IEEE Day Scavenger Hunt



Hello all.  On October 1st 2013, we will be having an IEEE Day scavenger hunt.  It will be a Competition of Witts!





Approved!!! We are a go for launch on our Hybrid Rocket Competiton


Hey guys, guess what?  We got approved by NASA to compete in our hybrid rocket competition.  We received the grant funding and now we are starting to get rolling.  April 12th is the launch date so anyone who wants to help should contact us immediately.  There will be prize money to the teams in 1st to 3rd place but the whole experience will be a blast.  Everyone cross your fingers we win.  For more information on the competition see this site.

Solder Workshop with New Circuit Lab Equipment


If you have not heard, the circuit class / lab now has new equipment! Our soldering workshop was a success.  Many came out to pick up this valuable skill along with knowledge on the new curriculum.   Thank you to all who participated.  

IEEEEXTREME Programming Competition



We had a good crowd come out for our meeting on the IEEEEXTREME Programming competition.  If you are still or are now interested in joining the team, contact us for more information.


The Rocket Competition


As most of you know the rocket competition has passed.  We had a decent turn out but we are looking for more who are interested in helping out with the Hybrid Competition   If you are intrigued by this contact us.  On a side note, while many of our IEEE members received internships this summer we are still active in our projects.  Contact us if you would like to help out with any projects this summer or in the fall.  

The rockets

Check out our New Donation tab!!


Hey guys!  We just added a new tab on our web page where anyone and everyone can see what we are working on.  You can see current projects, what we need for it to work, and what we plan to get out of the project.  You can also contact us for more information on the projects or even suggest one of your own.  Check out the page and let us know what you think.

Higgs Boson Particle is confirmed


After the initial discovery in 2012 scientists had much data analysis to do to confirm the Higgs Boson particle was, in fact, real.  

god particle

This particle is one that affects how others get their mass.  The “God Particle” has been sought after due to its ability to confirm particle physics and eventually help solve the theory of the creation of the universe.  Scientist have come out claiming it is all clear the particle in question is the Higgs Boson.  This discovery is sure to be one for the books.

SECON is almost here!


SECON 2013 is almost here.  All efforts are being put into the logistics robot.  If you know programming and want to help, let us know.  If not, wish us luck.  

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