Hello fellow Engineers! We are selling kits required for the Circuits Lab (EEL 3110L). $100 includes everything except the Mydaq. Includes a Carry case for all the components, breadboard/jumper wires. (Plus a $10 discount for IEEE members!). If you are interested in purchasing a kit, please send us an email at: IEEE@fiu.edu 

Circuits Parts List:

Resistors                                   Op-Amp                                                              VCT Transformer                           
Image result for resistor symbol                         Image result for op- amp symbol                                                   Image result for vct transformer symbol 2:4

Potentiometer  (10K)                  Potentiometer (1K)                                    Inductor (10mH)                    Inductor (1mH)                     Electrolytic Capacitors (1uF)