SoutheastCon is the annual IEEE Region 3 Technical, Professional, and Student Conference.  As the premier conference for the IEEE Region encompassing Jamaica and the Southeastern United States, it brings together Computer Scientists, Electrical, and Computer Engineering professionals, faculty, and students to share the latest information through technical sessions, tutorials, and exhibits.  It is the most influential conference in Region 3 for promoting awareness of the technical contributions made by profession to the advancement of engineering and science and to the community.

The objective of the competition is to build and launch a hybrid powered rocket with a hybrid motor rated “G” or from a lower class (160 Newton seconds or less).  The competition has two categories.  The first category consists of launching a hybrid rocket to the maximum altitude.  The second category challenges the teams to fly their rocket closest to 2,000 feet in altitude.

Expanding this outreach over the years has not only helped inspire new students to attend Florida International University, it has shown underprivileged children more options in life, and led to an entire team of outreach undergraduates to take part. They are all looking for more students in the upcoming class to help push more work even further.

Workshop on Arduino, an open-source platform used to build electronic projects, for students.