To become a part of the FIU IEEE Student Chapter, all you have to do is become a member of the international organization (steps shown below). It is a annual membership of $32.00 per year. Once you are member, you can enjoy all the great resources and tools available to IEEE members. To attend our meetings, lectures or workshops, you do not have to be an IEEE member, but you will be missing a vast amount of benefits! To join our mailing list, fill out the Leave a Reply form at the bottom of the page.

How to join IEEE:

First, browse over to and click Join IEEE.



Once there, select the type of membership and then click Begin Join Process.

Begin Join Process


This will redirect you to the IEEE Shop. Click on Join Online if you are a new member or don’t have an account. For returning members, just enter your username and password to renew your membership.

Join Online

 A page will now open asking you for your profile information. The pages afterward will also ask for more information, so once these are completed, you will receive a member number, making you an offcial IEEE member!


In addition to your membership with IEEE, all FIU students have a free OrgSync account in which they can engage with clubs recognized by the university.  To visit our OrgSync page click here.